Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Features Of A Great Family Tent

Family tents are large, so they take
 a bit of effort to pack up.
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 Camping has been known to be an excellent way of getting out of your home and doing stuff that you wouldn't do normally. Getting out there will inspire you to do things you wouldn't try otherwise, which will fill you up with energy and give you the vitality needed to live a great and healthy life.

Well, the thing is that camping is not an activity that lasts for only a few hours, it takes at least a few days. You will need a shelter to spend your nights in. The best kinds of shelters are tents in my opinion. Some people prefer to stay in RVs, but I would rather be closer to mother nature, and experience it as much as I can. Sleeping in an RV diminishes the camping experience in my opinion. 

 Good family tents need to have at least one window or a part of the wall of the tent that is made of mesh. This will enable you to look out of the tent. This is a must if you want to experience nature, and see what is going on outside the tent. The mesh wall allows the air to change between the inside and the outside of the tent. 

 The bigger the door of the tent, the more ventilation it provides if you leave it open. It will be easier to get in and out of the tent, and you will be able to put bigger items into the tent. Many people like to sleep on queen-sized air mattresses, these are quite big and you need big doors to put them into the tent. Some tents are so big that you can put a bicycle into it, so it is safer and it won't get stolen during the night.

 The tent also needs to have some kind of front screen area. This can be a porch, which is basically an area that has the rainfly extending over it. You can set up a table and a few chairs and throw a little party in areas like this. 

 Some tents have a screen room. This is basically a huge vestibule for your tent, it has walls covering it from the sides and the top, while it has no floor, so basically you can't sleep in such an area, but you can easily use it for cooking or storing your gear. As I have said it, a screen room is a family tent version of a vestibule. 

 If you are looking to purchase a family tent, you only need to think about what you want from that tent in order to make a great purchase. It is best to take a look at the tent before you buy it, so if you have the chance to try it out or set it up, definitely do so. But if you just think of what you are looking for in a family tent, and you follow the points above, you can not go wrong.

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